Treasure Adventure

A Basic Platformer

Key Features

  • Simple Patforming

  • Treasure Based Scoring

  • 3 Different Areas

  • Each with 3 levels

  • The First of UgLee Games

Developer's Description

This is basically my first step into the community, attempting to break into the mood and attitude of making games.  It is also my first game made to completion from scratch.  Despite being a beginner, I have had over 50 downloads without any advertising by my means and intent.  This game acts as a motivator to encourage myself to keep at it.

There are plently to go about fixing this.  But, for the time, I am leaving any faults in to serve to remind myself why I made that game.  Sure, the jumping is a bit floaty, the variety of enemies are slim, the water is a bit quirky and there are no bosses, or extreme challenges.  But, it serves to further inspire me to keep making games.

If you are interested in a complete re-imagining of this game, feel free to rate, comment and play this simple game.

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System Requirements

Minimum Specs:


  • CPU Cores: Single Core
  • Minimum RAM: 128 MB
  • Graphics Card RAM: 128 MB
  • Graphics Card Shader Model: Not Required
  • Sound Card: None
  • Operating System: Windows XP.
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Play the first UgLee Games' game. Originally released in March 5 of 2011, this game essentially is the game that helped UgLee Games in making itself known to the public, albeit to a very limited and small extend.



3.1 stars (13 votes)



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