Neon Prime

Retro Shoot 'Em Up

Key Features

  • 5 Level campaign.

  • 10 levels in level select mode.

  • Online scoreboard system.

  • FMV intro and Outro.

Developer's Description

Apocolyp Software is a newly created Scottish games company.

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System Requirements

Minimum Specs:


  • CPU Cores: Single Core
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card RAM: 128 MB
  • Graphics Card Shader Model: Not Required
  • Sound Card: Required
  • Operating System: Windows XP (32/64-bit). Windows Vista (32/64-bit). Windows 7 (32/64-bit).
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A Neon Prime has entered our solar system. We sent our main fleet to engage it but contact has been lost. Now you are our only hope to defeat the Neon Prime and save our planet! Neon Prime is a retro style vertical space shooter with the player fighting



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