No brakes, no limits

Key Features

  • Award-winning gameplay

  • Beatiful HD graphics

  • Realtime leaderboards

Developer's Description

We finished this game this on early 2010, it was our first award-winning game, because of its gameplay.

We love how everything ended up, how every part of the games fit together.

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System Requirements

Minimum Specs:


  • CPU Cores: Single Core
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics Card Shader Model: 3.0
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9
  • Operating System: Windows XP (32/64-bit). Windows Vista (32/64-bit). Windows 7 (32/64-bit).


MotorHEAT has the following achievements:

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You've got the ultimate racing car, and an unlimited road to drive on. What else do we need to say? It's all about driving. Lightning fast. No brakes, no limits.



4.1 stars (9 votes)



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  • @RetromationYT you're right, that shouldn't happen :) It'll be fixed on the next patch. Thanks!

  • @ADuPreeGaming Ziggurat is running on Unity 4.6


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