hardcore jumper

Key Features

  • endless gameplay

  • suprematism

  • Supremely unusual and fascinatin

Developer's Description

Malevich is a hardcore platformer in the style of Suprematism. The goal of the game is simple. Climb as high as possible without falling. But it’s not as easy as it appears. And insane and uncontrollable camera will continually mislead you by changing the viewing angle. The maximum angle of inclination of the camera increases with each new floor, making it difficult to climb the black square to the heights of abstract art.

Update Description (v1.1.1.0):

- fix collisions
- interface fixed
- add more different platforms

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System Requirements

Minimum Specs:


  • CPU Cores: Single Core
  • Minimum RAM: 512 MB
  • DirectX Version: 8.0
  • Graphics Card RAM: 256 MB
  • Graphics Card: 8.0
  • Graphics Card Shader Model: Not Required
  • Sound Card: Required
  • CPU Speed: 1.2 GHz
  • Operating System: Windows XP. Windows Vista, 32 bit. Windows 7, 32 bit.
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Malevich is a simple platform jumping game, but don`t get fooled about this. As soon as you move the camera tilts in the same direction making this a very challenging game.



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