FortressCraft2D : Zombie Survival

2D Hardcore Zombie Survival

Key Features

  • Moddable Hardcore Survival

  • Procedural worlds and weapons

  • Community-driven game

  • Craftable weapons and gunturrets

  • Joy-puke your face off.

  • Multiplayer

Developer's Description

A hardcore 2d Zombie Survival game with procedural weapons, endless landscapes and a million monsters to kill. Lose your world, keep your character! Remember - losing is fun. Delivered in a mod-friendly fashion, this game is designed to grow over the coming months, with plenty of community feedback on every aspect, from the procedurally generated loot to the buildings found on the landscape.

Currently this is being patched every single week, and progress is rapid!

Here's the game design doc, work in progress stuff, and also the development milestones and schedules:

Design Doc

Featuring music by world-renowned chip musican 'TDK'

If you feel you HAVE to buy it now, please bear in mind that it's in a REALLY early, fairly unplayable state, and treat it as such!

For more information, feel free to tweet me : @fortress_craft

I generally don't bite.


Current status:


  • Most graphics are NOT final, and should be considered placeholder!
  • NPCs must be rescued within 60 minutes
  • The more NPCs you have, the faster crafting happens
  • When all NPCs are dead, you fail the city
  • Press F10 to abort a city early
  • F1 to F6 select the upgradable RoboPets
  • - and = access inventory and upgrade panels
  • T places a turret (360 metal, requires a complete gun)
  • Generic metal resources come from killing robots; use these to upgrade your bots.
  • Other drops are possible, but have no use.
  • Procedural weapons are first-pass implemented
  • F1 to recycle weapons in the Dropship inventory
  • F2 to disassemble weapons in the Dropship inventory
  • M to request a dropbot
  • B to build a Material Reprocessor (100 metal)
  • Z drops the player inventory

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Game/App EULA

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Licence Info

System Requirements

Minimum Specs:


  • CPU Cores: Single Core
  • Minimum RAM: 1 GB
  • Graphics Card RAM: 128 MB
  • Graphics Card Shader Model: 3.0
  • Sound Card: None
  • Operating System: Windows XP (32/64-bit). Windows Vista (32/64-bit). Windows 7 (32/64-bit).
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A hardcore 2d Zombie Survival game with procedural weapons, and cities. Delivered in a mod-friendly fashion, this game is will grow over the coming months, with plenty of community feedback. Also known as FC2D !



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