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Being a one person studio I do everything for the company: that includes design, development, artwork (usually outsourced to friends), sounds (usually outsourced to other friends) and marketing (usually failing at). I occasionally take on freelance work when I can to give me room to think and create.

I am passionate about games of all sorts. I love video games, boardgames, tabletop and live-action roleplaying games. My favourite boardgame of all time is Twilight Imperium, without a shadow of a doubt. My favourite video game is StarCraft. As you can tell, there's a strong running theme of Science Fiction there, which explains Space Salvager.

My passion in life is making games, that's what I do. Be it games mastering for my RPG group, writing plot for the LRP system I play or making video games for a game jam: making games is what I do.

I'll develop for any platform that's appropriate, which is usually desktop and any console that'll take me.

Games & Apps

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